Unique Ways to Support UCES
Box Tops for Education
It may take an extra minute during your shopping trip! Look for the BoxTops for Education logo on items you may purchase. Once you get them home, clip those labels and send them in to the elementary school. Your student gets an chance to win a neat prize or opportunity and UCES can earn funds for a variety of school supply items. Check out the attached page for a short list of eligible items.
Box Tops for Education.pdf
 Ingles Tools for Schools
I am not sure if Ingles could make this any easier for us! To link your Ingles card to your student's school, you can go to this Ingles website and follow the steps to "Link Your Card".
Ingles Tools for Schools

The EASIEST way to get connected is:

If you are like me and get so busy when you get home that this is not something I remember to do!!! You can fill out the form below and return it to our school each fall. Union County Elementary School's Tools for Schools Coordinator is Lisa Anderson. Send your number to the school and Mrs. Lisa will get you connected.
Please note that the number you are sending has 12 digits.

Ingles Tools For Schools Enrollment Application Form.pdf
 Labels for Education
Several companies will send funds to UCES if we collect and mail in their product labels. As Mrs. Anderson says, "Send us your trash! We will earn money for UCES." Click on the link below to see a short list of eligible products.
Labels for Education.pdf
 SunnyD Free Classroom Books
Your child's class can earn free books. 20 labels = 20 books. Click the link below to see what the eligible products for this promotion are and send those labels in! UCES will do all the paperwork and mail in the required documents.
Eligible SunnyD Products.pdf
Coke Rewards
Coke has changed how schools are rewarded for collecting and entering all those codes from Coke product boxes or bottle tops. You can still donate to your child's school using Coke rewards by choosing one of the following:

1. You can enter the codes in your personal MyCokeRewards page and select the "Causes" tab at the top of the page. Then just follow the directions to make a donation. Coke will send a check to UCES quarterly. Another way to turn trash into treasure!

2. You can send the Coke product codes to UCES. Mrs. Anderson will work with us to set up a redemption site for these codes.

3. One more easy way to use Coke Rewards to benefit your child's class is to redeem your own points for an e-giftcard to Wal-mart or Amazon. Then print out the e-giftcard from and send it to your child's teacher or to UCES with a note indicating it is a donation to be used for classroom supplies as needed. These e-giftcards range from $5 to $10 each.