Boxtops Bonus Offer

Boxtops Bonus Offer
Posted on 01/11/2016
Boxtop Bonus
Box tops @ Ingles now through February:
-If you buy 5 box top items = you will get a printed coupon for 20 box tops!
-If you buy 10 box top items = you get a printed coupon for 60 box tops!
(Note:  you can do this one time per receipt and a total of 5 times) 
In addition, kids can bring in their Ingles receipts for an additional 20 box tops!! 
Please let your students know!  They could earn an opportunity to participate in a silly string war by bringing in boxtops! 

Monica Deaver UCES Boxtops Coordinator

Other Boxtops bonus opportunities include:

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Special Note:
Food City School Bucks Program...Coming Soon!!